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Environmental Policy

Cathkin Clean Scotland Limited (Cathkin) accepts its ecological responsibility to society and future generations. The management recognises that natural resources are limited and is committed to making everyone aware within the company of its ecological and social responsibilities based on principles of sustainable development.
The management of Cathkin is committed to a programme of continuous improvement aimed at reducing the harmful environmental effects of our processes. We pay attention to methods of saving primary natural resources.
The main consideration in our choice of packaging is suitability to complete recycling. For this reason, instead of combined packaging we offer alternatives such as reusable laundry bags. All our retail outlets encourage customers to return the coat hangers we hand out. Our objective is to collect and recycle as much of our packaging material as possible.
We have implemented numerous eco-friendly policies ranging from a rolling replacement of the ageing fleet to equipping the vans with advanced monitoring equipment to reduce our gross mileage.
We have converted our washing process from conventional hot washing to washing in cold temperatures using ozone (o3) generators. This has resulted in savings of energy and water consumed.
The disposal of our dry cleaning waste is carried out as per the scheme laid down by The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency and we work in partnership with them to continuously educate our workforce.
We aim to keep our employees informed of our environmental protection policy, objectives, and results by means of the company newsletter and other internal publications, thereby striving to encourage sensitivity towards ecological matters.
Over the coming years we aim to constantly revisit our environmental goals so that the pace of change is ever increasing, and this will allow our staff to be central to any action taken.

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